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We at Alpha Interact can help you achieve the First page ranking through Search Engine Optimization.

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Bengaluru being the silicon valley of India, the competition in Bangalore is fierce.

SEO - Search engine optimisation

The traditional SEO services which many SEO agency in Bengaluru offer is not sufficient to rank your page on first page/ SERP (Search Engine Result page) and do not fall for those companies who claim to have Google certified SEO experts because there is no Google certification for SEO!

Just building a website and making it live will not get you traffic and sales, there are numerous factors (200 ranking factors to be precise) which Google uses to determine where your page should rank on Google SERP’s

We at Alpha Interact take great care to make sure that all the parameters are checked and there by help Google crawlers understand what your website is all about and also your customer should easily access the information that he was looking for.

Why Alpha Interact for your SEO?

In short: search is a BIG source of traffic and you need the Best SEO agency in Bengaluru.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of driving targeted website traffic to your website from search engines and

We are experts in SEO and Alpha Interact is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bengaluru

Our Process

Understanding your Business

Its very important to understand your business before we start SEO. We will set up a meeting to understand your business goals and learn about your competitors.

Keyword Research

Competitor analysis provides us with top ranking pages and keywords in the industry.And our SEO team does research to find untapped, high-volume keywords that your customers search for.

On Page Optimization

The quality content is added to the website and On page optimisation of the page is done, so that it ranks on the first page of Google/Bing search result page. This process also involves enhancing user experience.

In Depth Competitor Analysis

Its impossible to run any business without knowing your competitors. Our SEO team does in-depth competitor analysis using premium SEO tools.

Content Creation

The potential keywords are used by Content development team to create high quality, SEO optimized, shareable content which will provide value to the customer and right information to Google bots.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization involves Link Building, Social Media Marketing, and Brand Mentions. It is important because people have to find the quality content - Google wont rank the content immediately!