Not sure how to announce your brand on social media platforms?2 min read

Let’s talk about how not to, first. 

On occasion of World Mental Health Day, Deepika Padukone has announced the launch of The Deepika Padukone Closet™. The new venture allows fans to shop for the actor’s most favourite pieces from her wardrobe via her official website.

Wondering what this has to do with digital marketing? 

There couldn’t be a better scenario than this to learn the importance of copy-writing to sell your product or service that can convince potential customers to take action.

Deepika Padukone took social media to announce this on World Mental Health Day last week: 

It clearly shows that her PR team had one script and used it across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, without changing.

Social media marketing sounds easy, but in reality it’s not easy as it sounds. Having a social presence on more than one channel is a great start to building your following, but the key is knowing how to appeal to each audience. Each of these platforms have their own character count, personality and demographics.

Here are the 3 common mistakes you can avoid while writing copies

1. Grammar: 

If you still haven’t noticed the blunder, observe the badly placed comma: “Visit ,shop till you (drop).” This is exactly the same in all three platforms.

2. Five Ws of storytelling:

This simple technique is a sure-fire way to create quality content. Audience interaction with your content depends on how well your information is comprehended and framed. It clearly looks like this wasn’t the case with the above copy.

3. Social Media Copy Writing:

Social media can become your brand’s best friend – if you know how to use it properly.

There’s a formula behind every storytelling, every social media post. The idea is to always write with audience in mind and you need to know how to engage with your audience on every platform.


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